AWS CAP-QC Vial Cap Torque Tester
AWS CAP-QC Vial Cap Torque Tester

Small Cap / Vial Torque Tester
Capacites up to: 200 Oz-in / 12.50 in-lb / 140 N-cm
Made in the USA
The CAP-QC Small Cap & Vial Torque Tester is designed for measuring open and closure torque on small diameter bottles and vials used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. This cap torque tester has a compact, light weight aluminum housing with internal rechargeable battery makes for ease of transport so the CAP-QC can be used anywhere from the lab to the production line. Intuitive menu system allows the user to quickly select measuring units and operation mode. Peak mode holds max open or close torque on the display until it is reset for the next test.

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