MTS-RA Motorized Cap Torque Tester
MTS-RA Motorized Cap Torque Tester
Price: $ 7,400.00
Motorized Cap Torque Tester
3 ranges up to 85.0 lbf-in
1,000 Data memory for computer download
Digital speed control 3~90 per second in 0.1 degree increments
The MTS-RA Motorized Cap Torque Testers is used to loosen caps and capture peak torque or tighten caps to a programmed torque value. The MTS-RA can display torque vs. angle information. The Motorized setup allows for greater accuracy and repeatability versus testing by hand.The MTS-RA Torque stands have several capacities up to 85 lbf-in. Samples up to 6.25" in diameter, caps up to 3.5" and heights up to 9.4" can be tested. Optional sample tables, cap vises are available for special containers. Special long column models for taller samples are also available. Digital speed control from 3~90 per second in 0.1 degree increments assures consistent test speeds.

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